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“The Hobbits” by E. Spiceland

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My Two Cents for What It’s Worth

“The Hobbits”


Just the other day I was talking with my good friend Bilbo Baggins.  I’m sure you know, or at least have heard of Bilbo.  He’s one of the “little people” Sen. John McCain spoke of when he mocked Tea Partyers as “hobbits” and in effect proposed, I would guess, that they return to “Middle earth” and take their friends Peregrin Took, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee with them!  Until his unfortunate outburst on the senate floor, I thought well of the Senator.  Now it seems he has become part of the problem and not the solution we had all hoped for.  He has been exposed for what he is, an ingrained member of the Washington elite.  His ire and frustration were echoed by others such as Democrat Rep. Mike Doyle who verbally unloaded such gems as: “We have negotiated with terrorists” and “this small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”  Think about this retort for just a minute…it speaks of the divide in perspectives that exists in Washington. Rep. Chris Van Hollen added his two cents with his inflamed statement that the “Tea Party Republicans are unfit to govern.”  We the people have a different view.  It is with our concern that they govern, not the other way around.  As if this wasn’t enough to catch your attention, consider that even the Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden chimed in with his assertion that we (the Tea Party) were “acting like terrorists,” during the recent budget battle in Congress.  Further adding to the insults being heaped on the “Tea Party,” Rep. Maxine Waters had four special words…”Go straight to hell.”  Perhaps she meant “middle-earth.”  We should give her the benefit of the doubt and at least help her keep the metaphors consistent.  Dismissiveness has been replaced by coarse rhetoric.  This approach only makes the perceived “dragons of middle-earth” smile.

We’ve had Democrats calling American citizens “terrorists,” “racists” and “hostage takers” all in an attempt to focus the debate away from the real issues and away from the discussion of plausible solutions.  The Tea Party movement began as a grassroots campaign to take back our national government from the greed, ineptness and self-serving ideology that permeates the federal bureaucracy.  This focus on the federal level must not and cannot be shifted to other levels of government until the battle for the “hearts and minds” of Washington has been won.  This is where the major battle must be fought.  Without victory at the federal level all other efforts are for naught.  Concerned citizens cannot afford to allow diversion into side issues and local political entanglements.  There will be a time in which attention can be refocused on local politics but now is not that time.  As frustrating as it may be to witness local and state malfeasance and misguided policies, we cannot afford to divert attention from the original goals of the Tea Party.  There will come a time after the November 2012 election when special interests and malfeasance at the local level will be dealt a crippling blow but for the next fourteen months our focus must not be blurred by local politics.  We must in unity be totally engaged in the epic battle ahead for the very soul of America.  However well intended are the efforts to cleanse state and local government these efforts tend to dilute the major reason for the Tea Party’s creation.  More and more we are seeing tea party candidates and endorsements.  Some of those efforts are well intended and sincere while others were conjured up by counterfeit groups hoping to saddle on to the legitimate efforts of the Tea Party movement.  I am appalled when I see this misrepresentation of the movement by special interests and self-serving individuals who claim tea party support and yet have no true tea party credentials.  Do not be misled: the tea party movement is about ideals centered on the Constitution not, for now, on local or state elections.  Misleading statements and diversions from the truth hamper the movement at a most unfortunate time.  Let’s recall the principle that got us to where we are and let us never forget the “real prize…the soul of America!”

While November, 2010 was a sound beginning, the job of reorienting the nation has only just begun.  We need to maintain and build on the momentum we have created.  There is a definite need to “clean-up” state and local politics and for those who are actively engaged in this effort, my hat is off but in politics as in war when everything is a priority nothing can be done to standard.  We must stay the course and continue to build on what we have already accomplished.  Other issues and elections must be held in abeyance lest we dilute our efforts and allow the hard earned progress we have gained lose momentum.  That is not to say that we should avoid local politics but rather that we should temporarily place our priority of the November, 2012 Federal elections.

Our Tea Party principles should remain our guiding light.  We must seize the opportunity for constructive change before it is too late.  The window of opportunity is closing fast.  Our demands should be centered on breaking the shackles of government and a return to the premise of individual liberty.  This Tea Party movement is about radically reducing the size of the federal bureaucracy and a return to the philosophy of a limited constitutional government.  We believe in fiscal responsibility, economic freedom, and the sovereignty of the nation.  We strongly believe that it is the Federal government’s job to protect and defend the nation and its Constitution “against all enemies foreign and domestic.”  This is the primary role and obligation of government.  Remember, as one of our most esteemed founding fathers, James Madison, once touted, “remember, powers delegated to the Federal government are few and defined.”

The Tea Party supports initiatives that achieve the objectives of a constitutionally limited federal government.  They include term limits on congress, making all laws passed applicable to congress and a balanced budget.  The United States Constitution has been and will always be our guide book.

It is time to implement cloture on the malicious rhetoric new being aimed at Americans who simply want to support a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”  Name calling and ludicrous accusations have no place in this most important debate, although in a somewhat perverse sense, we take pride in at least awakening others to the challenge.  We also take pride in what has been accomplished and look forward to the battles we face in the future on our way to victory for America!

There are many Tea Party groups across the nation.  The common linkage has been a focus on the Federal government and constructive change.  Locally the Northshore Tea Party has accepted its mission to bring Presidential candidates and conservative thinkers to meet and speak to the citizens of the area.  We are proud once again to provide this opportunity as we announce that Rep. Michele Bachman will be our guest on October 1, 2011 at the Fleur de Lis center in Mandeville.   She will be speaking 10:30-11:30.  Doors will open at 10:00.  Parking and seating are limited so plan to arrive in a timely manner.  Please pass this information on to friends and family.  We look forward to a great event and appreciate the continued support of the people.

The culminating battle for America is soon coming.  Progressives and socialist alike may view us with distain and think that they must slay what they believe is the dragon, but as they are beginning to realize, what Gandalf the Wizard warned, “Never laugh at live dragons.”  Middle America and middle-earth have a lot in common.  My two cents…for what it’s worth.


September 9, 2011...As a radio talk show host, I easily spot callers with nothing to say, but like to hear the sound of their own voice. With these callers, I hit the dump button as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, our President is the political version of these audience killers. Thursday night, Barack Obama filled the airwaves with another speech, this one on “jobs.”


The speech was unnecessary and only scheduled to improve the President’s anemic poll numbers, which are hovering at only a 40 percent approval rating. It was a political speech that should have been given on the campaign trial, not before a joint session of Congress which normally is reserved for State of the Union addresses and national emergencies.


It is time the broadcast networks and the Congress stopped accommodating the President’s requests for more television exposure. If he wants to give a political speech to the nation, he should pay for the air time.


After countless other speeches to the American people, millions of Americans are obviously tuning out Mr. Obama. In fact, while the President’s speech was being televised on all of the major news channels, the ratings for the Home Shopping Network and the History Channel must have been spectacular.


The American people don’t have any faith in his proposals, because his agenda has been an abysmal failure. They have seen this stale movie before and know the ending.


If there is anyone who really believes his promises, I have some beautiful Louisiana swamp land to sell you. This is the same man who promised “shovel ready jobs” in the first stimulus bill, which added to the debt and provided no employment boost. In fact, the stimulus bill helped increase the unemployment rate to its current level of 9.1 percent.


At $447 billion, the President’s “jobs” bill is roughly half the size of the first stimulus. In reality, it is the illegitimate “son” of the stimulus.


According to the Associated Press, the plan will add to the deficit and is “an IOU from a president and lawmakers who may not even be in office down the road when the bills come due.” The AP fact check report also notes that Obama’s plan offers “no guarantee that programs that clearly will increase annual deficits in the near term will be paid for in the long term.”


The centerpiece of President Obama’s address was a payroll tax cut, which is a good idea. Any tax cut in this horrible economy is helpful. However, the President coupled his sound proposal with a horrible payment plan. Once again, he proposed higher taxes on the “rich” making over $200,000 per year. Many of these “rich” people are struggling small business owners who cannot afford to pay any more taxes.


A better approach would be overall tax reform, including a lowering of rates for all Americans, coupled with a serious commitment to reduce the size of the out of control federal government. It is also time for significant cuts to the country’s corporate tax rate, which is the second highest in the world. This exorbitant level of taxation contributes to the exodus of jobs to countries with better economic climates. 


On Friday, the President was back on the campaign trial giving more speeches promoting his plan. More talk from a person who loves giving speeches in front of the TV cameras, especially if his handy teleprompter is with him.


Now that the weekend is here, President Obama will probably enjoy his other great passion in life, golf. 


If given a choice, the American people would not mind if he spent even more time on the links, especially if he gives television viewers a well deserved break.


The economy is in shambles and consumer confidence is at a three decade low, so who do Democrats blame for the poor conditions? Well, the Tea Party of course, the group that just entered the political scene in 2009 and elected some members to Congress in November of 2010. In fact, only a few dozen Tea Party members were elected to Congress, but they joined many more liberal Democrats and country club Republicans.


The Tea Party is not to blame because the group has never had any control of the ever expanding federal government. Today, our national debt has surpassed $14.6 trillion; adding $3 million to the total every minute of every day.


Instead of causing the problem, members of the Tea Party are like firemen racing to the scene of a five alarm blaze. They did not set the fire, but are trying to extinguish the dangerous flames and save lives.  Similarly, the Tea Party is trying to save our country by ending our fiscally irresponsible policies.


Instead of welcoming their help, Democrats and liberal members of the media are criticizing the Tea Party for having the audacity to try to solve the problem.


In reality, there is no monolithic Tea Party to blame because it is a collection of thousands of grass roots organizations all across the country. The Tea Party has no official leader; all activists are leaders and empowered to act.


The Tea Party has no definitive platform, but is guided by some basic principles, such as love of country and adherence to constitutional values, fiscal discipline, limited government, and sound monetary policy.


Sadly, the group has been demonized as “terrorists” by Vice President Joe Biden. Other irresponsible journalists, such as MSNBC hosts, have labeled patriotic, God fearing members “violent racists.” It is an odd charge since African Americans like GOP presidential Herman Cain and U.S. Congressman Allen West (R-FL) are Tea Party favorites.


In the past few days, Tea Party members have been subjected to more insults from liberal Democrats in Congress. U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said that “the tea party can go straight to hell” and fellow African American Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL) said that the “real enemy is the tea party.”


It is ironic that Communist killers like Dictator Fidel Castro are praised by many Democrats, while Tea Party activists are insulted in almost every imaginable manner.


It is a sad day in American politics when civil discourse disappears. After these vicious comments, it would be appropriate for our President to step forward and defend the right of Tea Party members to participate in the political process. Instead, Barack Obama is silent. Of course, he was quite vocal back in January in the aftermath of the Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Back then, he was pointing fingers at conservatives and urging civility. At that time, he urged the country to come together, but only after fellow Democrats implied that talk radio hosts and congressional conservatives were somehow responsible for the senseless shooting.


Sadly, President Obama only wants civil discourse from those who oppose his radical administration. For his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill and liberal friends in the media, the President does not insist on respectful dialogue. In fact, he could not care less what insult is hurled at the Tea Party since he only has one overriding concern, his re-election next November.