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One of the many sinister ways that we the people are taxed every day is through a back door approach called the printing press.  Yes, the Federal Reserve taxes us without representation by inflating our money supply.  When this private bank decides to manipulate the inventory of dollars by printing new money, every dollar that you worked hard to earn is now worth less than it was the day before.  We might not realize the impact immediately, but after the new dollars filter through the market, the impact of this new funny money hits you where it hurts, under the belt.  Essentially what we have is a government sanctioned institution that can take our property, or at lease the functional value of our earnings, without compensating us in return.  Hey, that kind of sounds like a governmental taking. Social politicians love this because they can finance their pet projects without voting on tax increases.  Banks also eat this up because they and their borrowers of first choice get the first crack at the new dollars before the inflationary impact is realized throughout the market. 

Its time to put some competition in the monetary system by stripping away legal tender laws that give a monopoly to Federal Reserve Notes.  Lets have our representitives vote to regain the power over our money and control the printing press through direct representation by our federal,state or local governments.  Time to get real, real money.


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